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Wish List

* EL wire to finish art piece The Plastic Planet 1000 lf x .50 = $500.00

* RV for taking the Plastic Planet Art Piece to events, 22′ to 28′ with a V8

* Covered storage space for the Art Piece “The Plastic Planet”

* Office space down town Santa Cruz or Felton, this will need to be a donation, for at least 6 months.

* New video camera, $649.00 Canon VIXIA HV40 High Definition Camcorder. This is necessary to document the construction of all CSA Aquaponics systems.

* $1200.00 to hire a social media person for 3 months.

* $6000.00 to hire an Adim. Assist. for 3 months.

* $2260.00 New Mac Book Pro    (Got it, thank you “Anonymous”)

* Cement Mixer, Used or in need of repair, we will consider all possibilities ( we will use it to make paper create troughs for AP systems )

* Stainless Steel water tanks and pipe, we will consider all shapes and sizes.