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* picking up plastic
* research & buy a water filter
* using a refillable water bottle
* seek products without unnecessary packaging
* buy in bulk
* compost food scrapes
* plant a food garden
* be green when you clean
* bike, walk, use public transportation
* properly dispose of CFL light bulbs
* properly dispose of all batteries
* plant a tree (or several, preferable food baring)
* donate your time to a non profit
* buy second hand
* use rechargeable batteries
* using local banks & C.U.’s
* reusable shopping bags
* support local farmers markets
* buy locally
* eat organic ( especially strawberries )
* unplug it,  turn off unnecessary electrical devices
* recycling water
*share with friends, relatives and neighbors about ocean health


* buying bottled water (especially in plastic)
* using single use plastic ( even corn & TaterWare)
* using weed killer
* all chemical purchase & use ( there is no away )
* CFL light bulbs are toxic (use LED’s)
* leaving your car running (even for just a minute)
* buying stuff
* buying single use batteries
* receiving junk mail 1-800-853-9773
* using plastic& paper shopping bags
* commercially grown strawberries


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