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Kid’s Corner

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What can you do at home:

Here are some ocean friendly alternatives,

Use a reusable water bottle that’s made
out of a material that’s not plastic!

Refuse bottled water in plastic.

A fun project for the whole family
Save all your plastic for a week and take a picture, write a paragraph send us both and we will post in on our web site. (You may want to rinse and dry it, or it could get stinky)

What you can do at school, this web site has a lot of great information for teachers.

Project WET Foundation

We envision a world in which action-oriented education enables every child to understand and value water, ensuring a sustainable future.

School projects
Ask your teachers and parents to start No Waste Day
Take all garbage cans away for one day. Bring your lunch in reusable container, washable napkin, reusable bottle and non plastic fork and spoon.

Green Tip for kids
Refuse to use a straw!
Every little bit helps. When you use a straw for 10 or 15 minutes, it might end up in the ocean and last for 400 years.

Poster Contest ages 6 to 8, 9 to 11, 12 to 14, 15 to 18
Criteria: Must include sea life, sun and water.
Purpose: To bring awareness to the plastic in the Oceans, Rivers and Streams.

Prize; All winners posted on our web site


Social Media
YouTube video feature, current events with kids at U.N.
We invite kids to submit their own videos
relevant to the Gyre or plastic to be featured on
this website.

More Suggestions
* Talk to your parents about changing your laundry soap
from powder to liquid.

* Talk to your parents about using only LED light bulbs, they are energy efficient and safer.

* Talk to your parents about starting a worm composting bin, a great way to use your food scrapes. Worms love banana peels.


Get involved

If you see plastic on the ground, in the playground,
in your backyard, pick it up and throw it away properly.


Great links;

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Plastic Bags have got to Go !!!

The Story of Stuff

With over 12 million on-line views, The Story of Stuff is one of the most widely viewed environmental-themed short films of all time. Since its release in December 2007, The Story of Stuff has been shown in thousands of schools, houses of worship, community events and businesses around the world.


Just say ” No” to Bottled Water