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Aloha and Welcome to the Environmental Cleanup Coalition

We are a group of individuals and organizations concerned about the sustainability of Earths resources. We’ve come together to address many issues that face our Oceans and water world wide. Mainly ( but not limited to ) Plastic Pollution and chemicals accumulation in our marine environment. Our food chain and the affects on human health and all ocean inhabitants.

By pooling our resources together we have the opportunity to restore the world’s oceans to ensure that they remain healthy for seven generations to come. A focused and concentrated effort is required to change environmental degradation on a global scale. Similar to the the relief found in a natural disaster event. Supportive resources from: Individuals, for profit, non profit, the private sector and governments are being donated. This is a vision of how we might collect equipment and resources to do great projects. ECC creates an on line “Resource Bank” where people can post what they have to contribute. By utilizing already existing networks like CraigsList and Freecycle we create an account in communities. Where as communities contribute resources to a particular project, such as the “CSA Aquaponics” project.

Rules and laws are created by small groups for all to adhere to. Standards are something we each agree to and participate freely in.

It’s time for change, we agree to the highest standards.
Operating inside the current structures of business principals, we will use standard terms such as sponsor, partner, granter, donor etc, in their known legal terms, as well as defining what synergistic relationships mean.

This is meant to be a starting point, an introduction to a long term relationship with you, an individual and or a representative of an entity you are a part of. Environmental Cleanup Coalition is a 501(c)(3) NGO and we welcome you and your community. Below are several inspired actions for you to read through, make a difference and choose to put into co-creation. We look forward to this shared collaboration in shifting the future of our planet.

Joining the Coalition

Level 1
Read mission statements, yours as well as ours. In this, we are agreeing to honor each others Core Values.
Inspired Action: Include Links and logos connecting to each others websites, for cross promotion and spreading the word.

Level 2
Inspired Action: Announce your upcoming projects and programs in our monthly newsletter and on our online calendar and vice verse.

Level 3
Inspired Action: We maintain deeper involvement in each others projects and programs, by direct action and participation.

Level 4
Share staff and other resources, as well as mutually agreeable split of expenses and profits in fund-raising, educational and promotional events.

Join at any level you feel inspired to participate

  • By agreeing to this you have become a part of a greater whole.
  • The highest standards of all ethical, moral, personal and business practices will be upheld for this Noble Cause.
  • We will adhere to transparency in all our actions.

Of course, we must remember this is about collaboration of win-win-win relationships striving to make a difference for the planet!