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Resource Roundup

CSA Aquaponics believes in Re-using / Re-purposing materials. You can help; we are looking for supplies to build a community Aquaponics / Permiculture Farm and Educational Center


Aquariums of all sizes
Air Pumps for fish tank
Water Pump
Hot Tubs ( working or not )
Bath tubs
Water tanks
Old Red wood water tanks ( broken or not)
IBC Tanks
Plastic 55 gallons barrels, (food grade)
Clear Plastic for green house,
Solar Panels

Deep Cycle Batteries
Wire 12 gauge or heavier
Electrical Conduit
Piping 4’’ or smaller, Copper, Stainless, PVC
Old sliding glass doors,

Shower Glass doors
Granite Slabs and pieces
2” net pots
Veggie Starts
Starter Pots
1-25 gal pots, black, clay, any
Mosquito Fish
2”-3” Thick Bamboo, plants or dried
Lumber and plywood