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Mission Statement:

CSA Aquaponics catalyzes collaborative partnerships to ease the food burden placed on our oceans, by promoting a reliant local food source through Aquaponics Education: teaching communities and individuals how to grow organic food locally and sustainably.

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In rapidly changing times, it is imperative that we collaborate if we are to solve the pressing issues that threaten our oceans. It is in this spirit that Environmental Cleanup Coalition (ECC) has partnered with Nor Cal Aquaponics and some amazing educators to create CSA Aquaponics.

CSA Aquaponics (CSAA) will be the first combined aquaponics business and education center in Santa Cruz County. Max Meyers of NorCal Aquaponics designed the light commercial system capable of producing 20 to 30,000 pounds of vegetables and 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of fish per annum. Once the system is built and begins producing, we will start teaching workshops and certification courses, beginning our commitment to sharing the technology and educating the community.

(CSAA) will be a profitable business first and foremost; providing sustainably harvested organic fish and produce to the community, utilizing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business model. Within three years CSAA will expand adding a variety of related income streams: hatchery fish, ornamental Koi, compost tea, honey, eggs, and other gourmet specialty products. The for profit aspect of this organization will provide financial stability within the operation. CSAA will sell a portion of its products wholesale, as well as retail, and will donate 5% of its annual harvest to feed the hungry among us.
CSAA seeks to position itself as a leader of collaborative community education, which encourages food self reliance and personal empowerment towards better health. To this end we will offer Aquaponics Certification courses, workshops and classes to teach individuals, neighborhoods and organizations how to build and operate aquaponics systems. And by establishing partnerships with local educational institutions and other non profit service providers, we shall create technological training opportunities and employment for youth, persons living with a disability, and the disenfranchised within our community.

Community Supported Agriculture is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay the farmer an annual membership fee to cover the production costs of the farm. In turn, members receive a weekly share of the harvest during the growing season.

Aquaponics is a revolutionary technological concept that was created as a way to mimic mutually beneficial natural systems. Vegetables and fish grow together as the combination of aquaculture, (growing fish in tanks or ponds), and hydroponics (growing vegetables without soil). An Aquaponic garden system is a highly efficient, scalable solution for many of our most pressing problems. The system acts as a living laboratory allowing communities the opportunity to empower one another, using science, applied Permaculture technology, engineering, art, math, aquaculture, ecology, conservation biology, entrepreneurship, and more.

  • Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water than conventional farming methods;
  • Aquaponics produces up to ten times more vegetables and crops in the same amount of space and time;
  • Aquaponics uses up to 75% less energy than almost any other farming method;
  • Aquaponics is guaranteed to be free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals;
  • Aquaponics require only about 1/2 the labor necessary for almost all other food production methods;
  • Aquaponics virtually eliminates weeds, pests, diseases, viruses and pathogens for both aquatic and plant life alike;
  • Aquaponics can be used in almost any situation and can range in size, from desk top systems to large scale commercial farms;
  • This symbiotic relationship is highly efficient and sustainable, and the system is naturally a zero waste loop.


The Aquaponics System Intensive Coursework: Beginning in 2012

The Aquaponics System Intensive includes 5 days of hands-on experience and instruction. We will also offer shorter on site workshops. In addition to Permaculture skills, you will gain the information and tools needed to build and operate Aquaponic systems emphasizing efficiency, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Scholarships and work trade are available. Our goal is to make this accessible to all. WE ARE NOW OFFERING SCHOLARSHIPS: CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Interested in hosting a course? We are always looking for communities, landowners and philanthropists who want to support this work.