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Contest Criteria



Speed and efficiency in which technology removes a full spectrum of plastic pollution in open ocean waters in variable climates and conditions


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability-

Costs to operate and maintain

Carbon footprint and energy requirements

Integrated life-sustaining infrastructure for long-term maintenance crew


Affordability and Replicability-

Cost to produce equipment and install

Availability of resources and materials needed to manufacture

Production schedule time frame for implementation



Effect on wildlife

Safety of operation for on-site maintenance crew

Durability through extreme oceanic weather conditions and climates


Plastic Product Disposal or Re-purposing-

Usability of extracted plastic product from clean-up

Safe transport and disposal if any waste products associated with cleanup and on-site maintenance crew



Showing potential profitability through re-purposing of plastic product or through some symbiotic system or business directly connected to gyre clean-up technology

Can a version of the technology be implemented profitably in an alternative application?