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1/3 of Fish now contain plastic

(03-11) 08:13 PST Long Beach, Calif. (AP) – Researchers say about a third of the fish collected in the northern Pacific Ocean had plastic in their stomachs. The Long Beach-based Algalita Marine Research Foundation and the Costa Mesa-based Southern California

Good news and bad news……

Our oceans are in deep trouble, every time you purchase seafood. You Vote, for or against sustainable fishing practices. Please consider your actions and check the Seafood Watch guide.   Isle bottom fish, make early exit from stores The

This is a “Can Do” movement

This is a “Can Do” movement ! the list is long and you “Can” add to it. All your actions are a vote, for example; Your seafood purchases are voting for sustainable fishing practices or Not. The Sea Food Watch

Invitation for Participation

Trash-N-Fashion Show presented by Environmental Cleanup Coalition Students from 13 to 19 are encouraged to participate in this fun, entertaining and enlightening event. To create fashion from society’s waste stream Design, make and show it off down the cat walk

31 days at Sea, around the world in 40

Aloha Ocean Lovers The most important aspect that has come from this experience in the South Atlantic Gyre is “Family”. We are a part of a family that lives here on the blue water planet, a planet like no other

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