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Be Prepared

Better Prepared then Sorry Hurricane Irene has given us all a new perspective on emergency preparedness. Over 100,000 homes on the east coast have been impacted by a loss of electricity as well as countless others on boil water notices

Our Water, Our Life

The future of our ocean is looking grim: See what’s causing the damage at   Clean Water Act in Danger, who’s polluting our rivers. Read the story at:

Join the Revolution, Be Part of the Solution

At last count we have one planet, ocean / water stewardship is the highest priority. The water on Earth is the same water that has been here for over 3 billion years. What we do to our oceans, rivers and

World Ocean Day June 8th

We are Salt Water Beings. When you cry, it’s salt water. When you sweat, it’s salt water. The blood in your veins has almost the same salt content as the oceans. Ocean care is the highest form of self care.

The Time Is Now

The time is now and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The Food For All Project is about bringing people together and securing local food sources. The main objective is to build Aquaponics Systems with an exponential element.

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