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Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Many people have been asking / suggesting I write more, tell my story. I will simply start and see where it goes. This philosophy is exactly how I came to start Environmental Cleanup Coalition. I had what I would call

Cleanup of Plastic Pollution in our Oceans

The Cleanup of Plastic Pollution in our Oceans is getting closer. With young men ( and women ) like this, seeing the need to do something. Governments and corporations continue to do nothing, and the situation gets worse. For all

See Chair / Sea Chair

Hooray for Artists, Scientists are bizy saying it’s impossible, And then there are those who just do it !!!

Raise Above Plastics

Students Vrs Plastic Bag MFG   In a classic David vs. Goliath battle, a high school environmental club is taking on a national plastic bag manufacturer with its initiative on Tuesday’s ballot to ban disposable plastic grocery bags in Hailey,

There is a War on the Environment

There is a War on the Environment 911  2011 “When you throw something away, where is away ?” Julia Butterfly American Manufactures admit to releasing over 4 billion pounds of pollutants into our water, air and land, annually.  Mercury, one

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