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Cleanup Contest

Ocean Gyre Cleanup Contest is a product of the 501(c)3 Environmental Cleanup Coalition’s seven years grappling with the complex issue of severe plastic and chemical pollution discovered in dense collections, the debris twice the size of Texas. The Ocean Gyre Cleanup Contest will strategically crowd source the best engineering solutions to plastic pollution in our oceans while educating the youth and public to effect immediate change.


Contest Mission

The Ocean Gyre Cleanup Contest will grant $XXXXXXX award to support the development and implementation of a solution that has significant potential to solve one of humanity’s most pressing problems, Plastic Pollution in our Oceans. This prize program is a call to the world’s scientists, engineers, designers, marine biologists, students, and entrepreneurs committed to finding the most effective solution to cleaning up the oceans, attracting an international, interdisciplinary pool of participants.

*Optional Bonus $XXXXXXX for showing the solution to be a profitable business model.



  • Crowd-source a viable solution and implementation strategy to plastic pollution in the ocean.
  • Educate the public and youth on the dangers of plastic and chemicals in our ocean and our food chain.
  • Encourage designs that have the shortest time line from concept to implementation.
  • Grant the $XXXXXXX prize to the deserving entry.
  • Award an additional $XXXXXXX bonus for the winning entry that also shows profitability by connecting inventor with funding source/seed-money.



  • Appoint a judging panel of qualified professionals from both the scientific, engineering and business worlds.
  • Create distinct submission criteria for both youth and industry participants.
  • Develop a comprehensive educational and marketing campaign for the public and youth.
  • Garner capital funding for final design solution and implementation.
  • Articulate a compelling call to action in our educational campaign that encourages innovative thought, ecological responsibility, and commitment to change.



  • Plastic Pollution affects our ocean’s health and impacts everyone, therefore all world citizens play a vital role in initiating change.
  • Educating all people is central to our organization’s philosophy.
  • The Ocean Gyre Cleanup Contest is an initiative of Environmental Cleanup Coalition (ECC) focused on finding and funding a viable solution to the prevention and removal of plastic pollution and chemicals in our oceans.
  • ECC is committed to affecting social change thru education and awareness of our interconnectedness to natural systems.