What will it take for change to happen ?

Everyday here in the USA we throw away our children’s future. As I speak to many on this subject of Plastic Pollution, people seem to want to cast blame on other countries, China, India and ………………the list is long. Change

Kids Will Save the Planet

How hypocritical that we should teach our children to play nice with each other and we have a war on every continent. We teach our children to share, yet we as a species we withhold food, water and shelter from

Solutions to Plastic Pollution Cont;

Returning Home to Maui; I shared the joy’s and unexpected sorrows of our adventure. Everyone loved to here the stories, even the environmentally tragic ones of plastic pollution everywhere. And then…………… nothing could have prepared me for what I was

Solutions to Plastic Pollution Cont;

With each passing day more marine mammals choke on our pollution, a recent report states  “American Manufacturers admit to releasing more than 4 billion pounds of pollutants into our environment, Annually !!!” Who said this is OK ? and how

Solutions to Plastic Pollution, Cont;

Plastic Pollution affects all life on Earth, as it is detrimental to the life in which it comes in contact with ! I did some international travel, in 2005 spent a month traveling around Thailand. Amazing people, scenery, temples and