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One Planet, One Ocean

Our Mission

To inspire: Environmental Cleanup Coalition ( ECC)  will serve as a central meeting place where fellow Eco-citizens come to learn, contribute, and invite others into our community.

To educate: ECC will share knowledge about Ocean Restoration, Ocean Cleanup, and Ocean Preservation, capitalizing on group consciousness to create innovative, sustainable solutions addressing the challenge facing our oceans today.

To raise awareness: ECC will raise public awareness of the danger of plastics in the ocean. We are dedicated to finding ways to nurture the return and growth of the sea life population affected by this problem in the marine environment. We will showcase eco-friendly alternatives to current plastic products in circulation, by educating and reforming our current waste system.

To serve: Spearheading the largest cleanup campaign in history, ECC stands at the nexus of the future global sea-change.  Our mothers had it right: if you make the mess, you clean it up, so that’s what we’re going to do, with your help.

To collaborate: ECC will coordinate a grassroots’ movement of Eco-citizens who act collaboratively and creatively on behalf of the health of our oceans.