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Solutions to Plastic Pollution, Cont;

Plastic Pollution affects all life on Earth, as it is detrimental to the life in which it comes in contact with !

I did some international travel, in 2005 spent a month traveling around Thailand. Amazing people, scenery, temples and the oceans teaming with marine life, and of course I went SCUBA Diving. The beauty and wonder had a bit of a shadow, Plastic Pollution everywhere, in the tree, streets, beaches and the oceans. As I toured the country I noticed that they were plenty of USA products in plastic bottles, bags and wrappers, but there are no recycling receptacles, or even facilities.

I walked the beaches, the more I did the more Plastic Pollution I saw. I witnessed some employees of a major hotel cleaning the beach, and was very excited until I saw that they where burying the trash just behind the lounge chairs they had neatly arranged that morning.

Living on Maui at the time, I went home from the experience in awe of nature and the wonders of Thailand. And also a bit dismayed at the human race’s seemingly disregard for nature. Something inside me was calling, it felt like I wanted to contribute to a cause or something that really matters. There are many ocean related organizations doing great work on Maui, signing petitions, new legislation, new beach trash receptacles, guarding baby turtles as they hatch and race to the sea, etc., its all good. I always pick up trash at the beach and under water and more seemed needed.


And I will end for today with;

Everyone ” Can Do” something about Plastic Pollution. 1. Pick it up when you see it, 2. Refuse single use plastic at every opportunity, 3. Share with others this Noble Cause,


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