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Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project

Educational Exhibit just opened in the Zurich Museum of Design / Switzerland. Free entrance. Runs July 4, 2012 thru September 23, 2012.

Ever since mass-produced plastic products have made our lives easier, the sea has gradually begun to change into a gigantic soup of plastic – today not a single square kilometer of seawater is free of plastic particles. As standard plastic is not biodegradable, these pieces are broken up into constantly smaller pieces and enter the food chain. And so the garbage ends up on our plates, with serious consequences for our health.

The exhibition presents collected plastic garbage from all the world’s seas and illustrates the full extent of this ecological catastrophe. In addition the project looks at the advantages and disadvantages of plastics and at their influence on health. The approaches to a solution such as reducing, reusing or recycling encourage to consumers of plastics to take action. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly diverse educational program that aims at encouraging active confrontation with the material at different levels.

The central installation: Every 15 seconds this amount of plastic garbage gets released into the sea

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